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5555 Unique NFT Gates of Imaginarium

The gates represent the access to imaginarium, our artist’s own universe, through our masterpieces you’ll be able to dive fully into the experience both in your imagination and through metaverse integration , we’ll bring it to life thanks to Unreal Engine 5.

Four souls are giving birth to a boundless universe
  • Aron Visuals: the artist, no words are enough to describe his fantasy and capacity, but you can see his works and read his words here.
  • SugarBob: our resident degen, started in NFTs about a year ago on ETH and september in SOL, he is mainly focused on creating the best community and bringing value to it, all of our tokenomics and roadmap are thought out to bring the best user experience.
  • TomErulz: Cyber Security and Community Manager, been working in all facets of crypto and has plenty of connections in every sector.
  • FlowerPower: our CTO worked past 10 years as full stack developer in important IT and aeronautics companies in Europe, whatever we can dream of he can build or create/manage a capable team that can do it.

Welcome to the new Era!

It's time for spiritual awakening and to slowly but surely dive into the Imaginarium.
The whole universe is dancing in the dark waiting to torch the souls of many.
Shining brightly as a diamond, these lights will conquer the darkness.
In your lifetime there are so many gates that lead you there but your destiny and only you at the end will decide in which one you'll go through.

Each of us has reserved a place there and once you enter you'll travel through the universe at the speed of light flying across galaxies, looking at all the beautiful moments as they pass by in a blink of an eye. The Imaginarium is indeed a unique place where the rules of the universe operate very differently and everything you've ever wanted, desired and craved for is right there staring at you from behind the gates, but even from the sky a lot of beautiful parts from the galaxy look very close to us as almost as if you could touch them.

Traveling those long paths and following the clues, there are many characters lost in reality searching the gates as a way to escape but the universe hasn't lost its touch with them yet.
It will guide them so swiftly through this tough time that The Imaginarium will never abandon anyone because, in the end, we're all an evolutionary mass of atoms whose sole instinct is to make it through this so-called game of life.

Keep holding on to it and embrace your shadow self, arise and evoke mystery in you, once you enter the gates you will be traveling from darkness to the very center of the universe.
The Imaginarium is not just a universe, it's much more than just a story to which we belong and experience. So embrace the change you seek and never look at the night as darkness, look at it as a new beginning, as an entrance to a new palace filled with all of your deepest desires.

This is the way to escape from reality and disconnect from the loud world around us and to just enjoy the night and all of its magical characteristics which many fail to see.
After you look into the enchanting lights just use your imagination to enter your dreamworld and embrace it.
Always look for enlightenment as you are infinite, even in the darkest days The Imaginarium will keep that hope alive and all the stars that shine in your soul.

You'll always find your way into the heart of the universe, to the realm of spirit.
That's right, dwell on the beauty of The Imaginarium.
Fight your way through the darkness and through The Mystical gates that are opening very soon, light warrior be ready and dare to enter!

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Growth Roadmap

Entering the GOI community means joining a legendary world all to be discovered and explored. This is the beginning of a fantastic journey.

Which Gate will you enter?


1. Social Media

Website, Twitter, Discord, Instagram


2. NFT Mint

29th April 2022 - 03:00 pm UTC on


3. IRL Events

In Real Life events like parties/conventions/festivals with VIP entrance for our NFT holders


4. GOI NFT Burning Vault

Introducing the GOI NFT Burning Vault a special vault where you’ll be able to burn your GOI NFTs for a % of the vault, the vault is filled with MIND tokens. 750 $MIND tokens for each GOI NFT. Only 1389 GOI NFTs (25% of the total supply) can be burned


5. GOI Metaverse Demo

Release of an interactive demonstration of the GOI Metaverse


6. NFT Staking

You can earn MIND tokens by staking your NFTs


7. MIND Token Launch

MIND Token listed on Famous Fox Federation and will be used on the next GOI Marketplace


8. GOI Metaverse Closed Beta and RC

GOI Metaverse Closed Beta and Release Candidate version for testing within the community


9. GOI Metaverse Stable Release

GOI Metaverse is now online on Solana dApp Store for Saga phone

The GOI Team

Four souls who want to explore the farthest corners of the physical and astral universe.

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Aron Visuals


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Creative Lead

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Community Manager

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Full Stack Developer

Artist Image

Artist - Aron Visuals

An enlightened person is someone who “dares to be different,” someone who is “not afraid.” At least, that’s what it’s like for Aron Visuals Surreal Digital Artist from North Macedonia. Using a technique that allows him to create anything he could imagine. From the day he started, he knew he needed to push himself to become the best he could be. Now, Aron has been in the field for 4 years and is so happy that he decided to put in the work and follow his dreams. Imaginarium is Aron’s way of viewing the universe and he’s deeply connected to it. When people look at his art, he wants them to escape from reality and to enter in his "Imaginarium." One of Aron's biggest accomplishments was when the Adobe team recognized his work and featured him on Photoshop and other Adobe pages multiple times, and right now Aron even became Adobe Partner. Aron considers himself to be a night-owl. As can be seen throughout his work, his art is heavily inspired by night and dark. "Dark and bad days are still part of our life, and we need to learn to accept them. We need to keep going and believing in better days, and I think that my art represents that hope," Aron says.

More About The Artist

Enter Gates of Imaginarium

Click anywhere on this page and you will hear the sound of the universe, the first gate of your soul to the Imaginarium

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In the mysterious world of GOI, the questions may be different and all will find an answer. But one question can only be answered by yourself: What's beyond the Gates? A new world? A new galaxy? Your soul? Only you can find out!

29th April 2022 - 03:00 pm UTC.
1.69 SOL.
Check on Discord about WL news.